We offer full service Property Management at a low fee of 8%
  • No Start Up Fees

  • No Leasing Fees

  • No Advertising Fees

  • No Fees Charged on Vacant Homes

  • Comprehensive Background Checks

  • Periodic Property Inspections

  • Available 24 Hours a Day for Emergencies

  • Accurate and Timely Financials and Payment

  • We take pride in removing the stress of your rental home from your life.

    Getting Started

    We provide professional management for you and your investment. We manage all aspects of your property to make sure that your investment is both profitable and stress free. Every owner and every property is unique and is evaluated accordingly.

    We do an initial inspection of each property to determine a price range and make recommendations on any upgrades or repairs needed to increase market value and desirability. All ideas are presented to you for your final approval. Our goal is to create a comfortable and trusted relationship with all of our owners and tenants.


    We charge an 8% management fee on rents collected. There are no set up fees or leasing fees. You are not charged until your property is rented. If your home is not rented…we are not doing our job.


    All Owners are required to sign a Property Management Agreement before a home can be marketed for rental. If you feel we are not meeting your needs, please contact us immediately so we can correct the situation.


    Once a price point has been agreed upon, we immediately begin to market your property to secure a qualified tenant as soon as possible. We promptly place signs on the property and take pictures of your property to include in our advertising. We utilize local listing services, local and military housing services and the internet to properly advertise our properties. We also use updated rental lists to provide to walk-in traffic and to keep track of movement.

    Move Ins and Move Outs

    We coordinate all aspects of move-ins and move-outs. A final inspection is conducted prior to move in to ensure that the property has met our move in standards. When a tenant vacates a thorough walkthrough is done to record the condition of the home. At this time we determine any repairs or vendor services that will need to be completed to make the home ready for a new tenant. All out of the ordinary expenditures will be approved by you and coordinated by our office using our preferred vendors.


    We are available 24 hours a day to take care of emergency calls. We have a list of preferred vendors that offer us competitive rates and excellent service. Because of our relationship with our vendors, we are able to pass on the savings to you with no mark ups on repairs. You pay what we pay!

    Financials and Accounting

    We use up to date management and accounting software to ensure the accuracy of our accounts. Monthly statements and payments are sent promptly every month. Payments can be mailed to you or deposited to your bank account. Your monthly statements will show a detailed accounting of all activity pertaining to your property. At the end of every year, your property’s tax information is mailed out to assist in your tax preparation process. We can also make utility, HOA, mortgage payments, and other contracted services on your behalf.

    Screening and Leasing

    All prospective tenants are required to complete an application for residency. Once the application has been completed and application fees have been paid, we do a comprehensive credit and criminal background check. We strive to choose the best candidates for our properties, this helps reduce turnover and non-payment. Upon approval, all residents must pay the security deposit and sign our Residential Rental Agreement. The lease is designed to protect our owners and our tenants. All of our forms are clearly written to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them and questions are always welcomed.


    Periodic inspections are conducted to make sure that the property is being cared for and that all rules and guidelines are being followed. If there are any violations that need to be addressed, we take the necessary actions to correct the issue.


    We have a great relationship with our tenants and have a great success rate with lease renewals. We make sure to promptly address any maintenance issues and tenant concerns to keep our tenants happy.

    Rent Collection

    All rents are personally delivered or mailed to our office. If rents are late, a late fee is assessed and expected to be paid with the monthly rent. If payment is not received, we send out legal non-payment notices. We make every effort to work with tenants to get the monthly rent collected. If there is no resolution and no payment, legal action is taken and our staff and lawyers continue the process. Tenants are responsible for any extra fees incurred. We manage all aspects of the eviction process from beginning to end.

    We appreciate you taking the time to review our information.
    Please contact us so we can discuss the management of your property.